Exercises to Decrease and Prevent Pain: The McKenzie Method

Justin Kelly

Justin Kelly

by Justin Kelly DPT, PT

Have you ever been to physical therapy and been given exercises that don’t address your pain, then after weeks of doing them you feel little or no improvement? This can be frustrating for patients as well as therapists. The McKenzie Method is an alternative approach to relieving pain and dysfunction which can produce better results in some patients. The McKenzie Institute is an internal organization that trains therapists in methods to alleviate back and limb pain. Using patient-generated forces, a therapist leads a patient through a series of exercise progressions to resolve and centralize arm, leg, and low back pain, using little or no equipment to help patients self manage their pain. This approach empowers the patient to be able to self-manage their condition so that they can return to their lives more efficiently. The McKenzie Method is a uniform system that allows for results to be reproduced and collected, allowing for improved research and treatment understanding among practicing clinicians. The therapists at Riverside Physical Therapy Denbigh are McKenzie trained and practice these techniques daily. If you suffer from back or extremity pain and are interested in a different type of physical therapy, please contact your doctor for referral or contact our clinic.

Justin Kelly, PT, DPT is a McKenzie trained therapist and running specialist. He is located at Riverside Denbigh Physical Therapy (757) 968-5332


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