Riverside Running Analysis

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Justin Kelly DPT, MDT

As the weather starts to warm up, running becomes a more popular way to get back in shape. Whether it is going for a run on a picturesque trail or on a treadmill in a gym, running puts specific reaction forces on joints and muscles that the body has to absorb or distribute. Injuries from running occur quite frequently in both novice and seasoned runners. At Riverside Physical Therapy, we have developed a video running analysis program that looks at various running styles, including barefoot running, in order to correct, improve, and decrease potential injuries for all distances.


With the use of Dartfish movement analysis software, a runner is filmed from the front, back, and side at various angles and the video is reviewed by a physical therapist. The video of your running is broken down to 30 frames per second to better identify specific points to improve upon. Based on the results of the video analysis, the physical therapist will tailor an exercise program designed to improve efficiency of running gait and decrease any pain causing movement. The therapists at Riverside Physical Therapy Denbigh are trained in a variety of hands-on manual techniques including Kinesiotaping, orthotic fitting, muscle energy techniques, and mobilization through movement that help facilitate weak muscles, as well as improve posture and alignment. Ask your doctor for referral or call the clinic and inquire about Riverside’s Running Analysis Program. Justin Kelly, DPT, MDT is a McKenzie Certified therapist and running specialist. He is located at Riverside Denbigh Physical Therapy. Call 757-968-5332 to schedule an appointment.


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