Are Breast Implants Safe?

Are breast implants safe? In a word, yes. During the 1990s, medical problems in women who had silicone implants caused concern for the US Food and Drug administration (FDA), resulting in their removal from the market in January 1992 (except in very limited cases). Two implant manufacturers continued studying patients and presented safety data leading the FDA to reintroduce silicone breast implants in November 2006.

Concerning to most women are capsular contracture (abnormally thick scar around the implant) and implant rupture. Both often require surgery. For cosmetic breast surgeries, the FDA regulated studies showed only 8 in 100 women are at risk for capsular contraction at three years and only 19 in 100 at ten years. The implant rupture risk was less at 5 in 1000 at 3 years and 9 in 100 at 10 years.

No implant lasts forever.
Reoperation may be required for any number of reasons. The longer you have your implants, the more likely the need for revision surgery. For years, breast augmentation has been the number one cosmetic surgery only now being rivaled by liposuction. Core studies demonstrated that silicone implants have an acceptable safety profile. Talk to your plastic surgeon if you are interested in learning more about implants and breast


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